Danijel Segecic - Artist and Designer

Art, Painting, Design - creating new, inventing new, that has always been and still is my passion to this day.



Danijel S.


How to by my art ! ?

The original Oil Paintings are all One-of-a-Kind.

There is only this one picture and there will be no reproduction of that Painting. 

Of course it is best to get an original picture, but I know well from my own experience that sometimes one cannot afford it.

For those who would like to buy an original, I am offering an installment plan to pay off the purchase price. Without a bank - Trust starts with Trust in yourself.

Just send me an email with your interest and intentions.  


My Pictures are also available on limited prints on real canvas.



Order paintings

I love to find solutions, especially if you want to be creative.

You may commission a painting. However, I will not simply reproduce or copy something, that is not my way. There should be a picture which fits in the context of the location and the personality of the new owner - with all the Artistic Freedom that is necessary.

Co-Inventor of the WellnessCube

My creativity has also found extraordinary expression in the past by the Creation of the fantastic WELLNESSCUBE.

For information,questions and orders please go to